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Today is the Winter Solstice already and this week ahead is Christmas.

           From Jim Alvord, Webmaster Macon Aero Modelers.

      Have a Merry Christmas Everyone!

      As promised, we've removed most of the archives of photos - so now we need new ones to post for guest viewing. I'm sure that there are numerous pics from just the past couple years that should be shared - break them out and send them to me to freshen up the pictures pages, PLEASE!

      The colder weather has hopefully got some of our members in the building frame of mind, or will shortly after the Christmas presents are opened, How about taking some snapshots while you're building and share that experience with the rest of us as well?

     It's always fun and educational to see how someone else does things. It's also fun for new people visiting the website to watch how our hobby collection grows from the basics of Balsa, poly covers or fabric, and foam. Seeing the wiring and locating of all the electrical components and motors can help another builder/pilot through the challenges of getting his/her model finished too.

      Whatever you do over the next few weeks, have fun and stay safe! Most of all "Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year" from the webmaster and members of Macon Aero Modelers! See you in the spring at OTX ready for another year of 'Flying High in Our Friendly Skies' of Western North Carolina in the Great Smoky Mountains!




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     We're still looking for new - Members' Hangar Pages!! Read about it in P.R. Posts. And submit your pictures and write-up! Seven now online Bruner, Commodore, Ramey, Doubleday, Doster, Schadt, and Alvord.

You can contact us easily by sending an email to:

Join our friendly skies!


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