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Combat Rules 2006
Gerry Doubleday


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Macon Aero Modellers - Electric Mini Warbird
Combat Rules - 2006

by Gerry Doubleday, Treasurer, Macon Aero Modelers

            1. The Hobby - Lobby Esskay 400 brushless motor with an 8/6 slowflyer prop has been adopted as the standard motor and prop combination. Last year's CDROM motors may continue to be used, but aircraft so equipped will be flying coffins . Other motor / prop combinations may be approved by the Combat Master. Any battey size may be used, but most participants are expected to use 3 - cell, 1200 - 1300 mah LiPo batteries.

            2. The club has a limited number of power plants ( Esskay 400 motor, two 8/6 slowflyer props, and a 3 mm prop adaptor ) available for $ 15.

            3. Combat aircraft Wingspan must be 25 inches minimum. Huge aircraft may have a speed disadvantage, but will make nice targets. Combat aircraft should be painted or have insignias to at least somewhat resemble combat aircraft!

            4. Fifteen ( 15 ) foot streamers will be furnished by the club.

            5. Recommended aircraft construction is foam or balsa although any material is acceptable. Flyers may find that although cast iron construction is crash resistant, it is difficult to mold and is relatively heavy.

            6. All combat participants, and others at the flight line such as flight mechanics and the Combat Master must wear hard hats - a hard head is no longer adequate! Hard hats can be purchased at Lowes for under $ 7 , the club will have a small supply of hard hats available for sale at $ 7. Other hard head gear such as motorcycle helmets, football helmets, and WWII steel helmets are acceptable.

            7. All spectators must stay at least 20 feet behind the flightline unless they are an approved flight mechanic and wear a hard hat. All participants must stay behind the safety fence unless approved by the Combat Master .

            8. A Combat Master will be appointed for each engagement. The Combat Master is responsible for enforcing safety rules during combat engagements.

  • The Combat Master shall insure that all participating aircraft have different Radio frequencies.
  • All participants and flight mechanics must wear a hard hat . Violators may be shot by the Combat Master.
  • All participants and light mechanics must stay behind the safety fence, unless a "CEASEFIRE" is called by the Combat Master. During a CEASEFIRE, flight mechanics may retrieve a combat aircraft. Other participants must fly their aircraft high and away from the downed aircraft. Violators may be shot by the Combat Master.
  • No biting, kicking, punching, or scratching is allowed between participants. Violators may be shot by the Combat Master. Head - butting is strictly forbidden!
  • ANYONE behaving in an unsafe manner may be shot by the Combat Master.

            9. Ganging up on the dastardly RED BARON is encouraged !

            10. During Combat Flying ALL other aircraft will be Grounded!

            If you can think of any other issues that need to be addressed or safety concerns, I await your input for consideration.

           Gerry Doubleday

            There's been talk of increasing the number of planes in the air at one time to a maximum of ten (10) for Combat Only! What's your thoughts on this?

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