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Bob 'Commodore' Wilson, Member

"Warning, pictures of Bob's workshop may be offensive to some neat freaks."

Bob started building model airplanes for something to do when his Dad was in the Army during WW-2 living in hotels and boarding houses in various parts of the country.

He started in RC in 1959 and built his first RC Receiver which would control only rudder at the time.

At that time, you built your radio system as well as the airplanes so he was in at the grass roots level almost from the beginning of RC flight.

Although Bob has spent years building and flying R/C planes, he's recently started trying his hand at small helicopters as well, starting with the new electric contra-rotating bladed CocoLama's from Hobby Lobby®.

    Actually, you may not detect it but there is a 12" square workspace in the middle of everything else.

           Over the years, Bob scratch built and designed a number of models, most of which were successful flyers. Probably his first love is aerodynamics, however.

      Bob enjoys flying more than building and of late has been assembling some of the new ARF's which in themselves are works of art.

      The technological advances in RC flying are sometimes overwhelming but he works hard to keep up with the changes and looks forward to the new challenges that keep him busy in the wonderful sport of RC flying."


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