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            Welcome to our members' Personal Pages.

            We're hoping that you'll get to know us and want to join us whenever your travels bring you to the Western North Carolina area.

            The idea behind these webpages is for our members to write a little about themselves, their planes and helicopters, their families, and their experiences.

            Members are encouraged but not required to send in their inputs to share with other members, guests, and other pilots so that we can get to know each other better especially for those who can't make it out to OTX on a regular basis!

            Pictures are encourged but not mandatory and any submissions in good taste will be posted here for sharing with the world at large via the World Wide Web.

            Initially we're only allowing 10 pictures max for each Hangar Page until we see how much response we get and how it affects the overall website storage and bandwidth limits. If there's more room we'll expand the limits later.

So, on behalf of the Members of the Board and Myself, Let's have some fun and get to know each other a little better. Submit your email letter and pictures to the address below for inclusion here. It's your website - so get involved!



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