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Macon Aero Modelers Field Safety Preflight Checklist

From the Safety Coordinator

Bill Duncan


  • 1. Check engine, prop, mount, all bolts, muffler, fire wall, etc.

  • 2. Check control surfaces for warping and rightness of hinges.

  • 3. Check all landing gears, wheels, collars, and mounting screws.

  • 4. Check all servos: mounted on hardwood only with or without trays; z-bend connections, devices or ball joints to servos on all flying surfaces (rudder optional on a 4-channel system); z-bends or clevises on models of over .40 cubic inch displacement.

  • 5. Check pushrods for flexibility and ease of movement.

  • 6. Check all clevises: the threaded end of push rod should be completely exposed through the clevis; all steel clevises must have a locking nut; all clevises must have a retainer, either a clip or a small piece of fuel tubing slipped over it and be fully snapped.

  • 7. Add a drop of oil to the axles so the wheels turn freely.

  • 8. Check control horns for tightness, etc.

  • 9. Check radio: obtain correct frequency pin, turn on radio and plane, then walk away from the plane at least 50 feet, with transmitter antenna down. Your plane should operate without glitches. Check for proper control surface deflection. This should be checked on trip to field before the first flight.

  • 10. Check and make sure you have your name, address, and phone number along with your AMA number inside of or on your aircraft. Remember, all MAM members are responsible for the airworthiness of their aircraft. All MAM officers reserve the right to inspect any aircraft for these and any other safety precautions.

            Bill Duncan
           Safety Coordinator,
            Macon Aero Modelers

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