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Greetings from the P. R. Post-it

            I've received several requests from members for someplace where each of us could have a personal "Get to Know Us" webpage.

            So, if you'd like to write up a personal letter of introduction and send it along with some pictures of you, your planes / helicopters, your shop, or your family to be included on your own M.A.M. Webpage - here's your opportunity!

            Just put together an email document and attach 5 to 10 pictures that you want displayed and send them to the club email on the bottom of this page.

            We're intially limiting the number of photos to 10 until we see what kind of response we have and how much of the website storage and bandwidth these pages will use up.

            You don't have to send pictures but it will let people get to know us, either members out of state or visitors, before they come to the field, so they will feel a little more at ease with us.

            We reserve the right to "Crop" and "re-size" the photo's to fit into the size requirements of our webpage format.

            Keep in mind that these pages will be available to the world to see and anything illegal or immoral by consensus of the board will be censored. This is a family friendly website! So don't write anything you wouldn't want your Mother or your Children to read.

            I will do my best to get all submissions posted to the site within a week or two of submission, but NO PROMISES! This website is done on personal time and with my upcoming work schedule there may be some delays - but it will get posted.

            You are solely responsible for the spelling and editing of your submissions and updates will be made on an as time allows basis - but changes can be made as time goes on.

            These pages can be used to let our remote members keep in touch while they're away from OTX, as well as to introduce new members to everyone else in the club even if our members are out of state!

            If you have any questions about how to submit or attach or anything else to do with getting your personal webpage up on the M.A.M. website, send an email to the webpage with "Hanger Page Question" in the subject line and we'll get an answer for you in a day or two.

            Let's show the world our pride and personal side so that anyone interested will see the commaraderie and FUN we experience at OTX all year long. I hope to see a lot of new submissions for "Hanger Pages" in 2007, so get involved!

            Here's to a Friendlier and more Personal Macon Aero Modeler's website where we all have our 10 seconds of FAME online.

            Remember, Keep the wings up and the wheels down for landing!
That's it for now!!

            - Jim -

You can contact us easily by sending an email to:

Join our friendly skies!



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