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Paul Ramey, Member

Paul Ramey has become one of Macon Aero Modelers best pilots.

He's one of the club's 5 instructors and is as adept with helicopters as he is with fixed wing airplanes.

Paul is always available to help dial in an engine, man the buddy box to help out a new pilot, or to test fly a new plane and help get it trimmed for the owner to fly it.

He can hover heli's and U-Can-Do's and is a top combat pilot too. We are very fortunate to have Paul as an active member of Macon Aero Modelers.

Paul's decided to take up flying lessons - Look for him in the skies over Franklin this summer in this giant beauty! As the club get's bigger, so do the planes. Congratulations Paul - she's beautiful!

Miss 2                                                 Miss 2 rigged for night flying.

wingspan 54 inches
motor 400 electric
weight 27 ounces
A great first airplane.


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