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Macon Aero Modelers Safety News December 2018

            Hopefully you renewed your membership with AMA and our Macon Aero Modelers club. In 2018 the Academy of Model Aeronautics, our parent organization, developed two new publications. The first was AMA's Safety Handbook. This 11-page document is a compilation of AMA documents and programs as they pertain to safe model aircraft operations. It covers broad guidance such as the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012; privacy issues related to drones and other camera systems; operations near airports; general safety practices such as dealing with lithium batteries; and guidance for advanced flight systems, gas turbines, large aircraft (over 55 pounds), and other important issues. Much of the guidance found in the Safety Handbook used to be in the AMA Safety Code. A Complete copy of AMA's Safety Handbook can be found at:

            he second document is AMA's National Model Aircraft Safety Code (effective January 1, 2018). This one-page document highlights guidance for the types of planes most of us fly. It is a common-sense document that stresses flying a model aircraft within visual line of sight of the pilot. It also stresses flying in front of a "safety line" to separate model aircraft operations from spectators and bystanders.

            Your Macon Aero Modelers Board of Directors also updated our club's Field Safety Regulations. These are dated July 15, 2018.

           I encourage members to review AMA's Safety Handbook, the National Model Aircraft Safety Code, and our Macon Aero Modelers Field Safety Regulations (July 15, 2018).

           So while you've got some time, take some time and review these documents. Be safe out there and have a good Winter.

   Bill Duncan

   Safety Coordinator

   Macon Aero Modelers


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