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Macon Aero Modelers Safety Thoughts July 2011

In the Heat of the Summer!!


Safety Coordinator, Macon Aero Modelers

            If you have been flying at the field lately you know that the summer heat is upon us. I normally try to get to the field by 10 AM to find cool breezes and calm winds but lately I've found the temperatures quickly rising to the high 80s and even low 90s. Recently I spent 15 minutes at one of the flight maintenance benches changing out some "wing bolts" and found I needed to get out of the sun as I was sweating profusely.

            Many of us enjoy the flying, camaraderie of talking with other members, and even enjoying a snack or lunch at the field. We find that two or three hours goes by quickly.

            Please be mindful of staying hydrated. You should find cold water and small white towels in the refrigerator.

            If there is no bottled water in the refrigerator then either buy some or notify one of the club officers. Use the carports/canopies and fans to keep the sun and heat off you. I would also encourage you to bring a cool drink with you in your car. Some Doctors and sport magazines advocate Gatorade and other such drinks that replenish nutrients. Flying at the field should be no different than if you were planning on a two-hour hike on the Blue Ridge or Great Smoky Mountains. Wouldn't you plan to take a backpack with water and other provisions? We do not have running water at the field and so must rely on members to stock the refrigerator.

           Another point to remember is to look out for one another. If you see someone becoming disoriented, detect slurred speech or becoming faint....then take the action to help this person and get them cooled off.

            I encourage you to think about providing fluids for your body just as you plan on bringing batteries or gas for your planes. Just think about how hot and thirsty you will be after spending time walking through the high grass and across the field looking for a downed plane! Members taking medication may need to be even more vigilant to drink water and stay hydrated.

            Let us use the skill set (our brain) that allows us to fly safely to keep ourselves hydrated so we can continue to enjoy the hobby/sport.

            "Happy Flying"


           Bill Duncan


            Safety Coordinator

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