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Aerodynamics 101
Bob Wilson

Electrics I
Gerry Doubleday

Winterizing Batteries
Greg Doster

Aerodynamics & Wind
Bob Wilson

2 Stroke Motors
Pettero (Commodore) Schwantholtzberger

LiPo Batteries Alert
Bill Webb

Build a test Bench
AMA Article

Crosswind Landings
Huff Enpuff

Battery Chemistry
Greg Doster

Blow'n in the Wind
Bob Wilson

Greg Doster


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Submitting Technical Articles

From the Webmaster - Jim Alvord

Who can write Technical Articles & How to Get Them Here!

           The 'Who' can write technical articles is easy to answer, EVERYONE!!!

           Everyone who's flown an RC airplane, helicopter or has a specialized knowledge that can be related to our hobby/sport is highly encouraged to share their knowledge and experience in a Technical Article to help educate the rest of us.

           Let's face it - there's a lot we can all learn from each other. Whether it's related to building, design, working with different materials, equipment reviews, restoring/ repairing damaged craft, flying control techniques, etc. Almost any aspect you've had experience with can be elaborated on and unique insights shared. Remember - it may be common sense to you, but us new people and prospective members, every little tidbit that can make us better pilots or help us know what to look for is a potential Tech Article.

           Once you've written your article, have someone else read it and point out any questions that might need to be answered and included with your article. Then, email a copy of the article, along with any pictures, charts or drawings that explain or re-inforce your points to me through the email address in our roster or send it with attachments to the email listed at the bottom of all our webpages. In your email you can tell me where to use the pictures etc. for what you're trying to explain. If you don't feel comfortable sending the article via email - save it to a floppy disk and give it to one of the officers of the club or bring it to a meeting and hand it to me.

           That's all there is to it. Remember, anything that's information that you could tell someone getting started building, flying, or restoring is a very potentially useful article. Even if you've only been flying a year - that's 9 months more than me and 12 months more than someone just thinking about getting into our club. So - Come On Share what you Know!!

Jim Alvord


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