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Webmaster Tips for Members & Guests

From the Webmaster - Jim Alvord

Webmaster Tips for Articles and Pictures for the MAM website:

           Hopefully you all know by now - we have a website! Also - hopefully you all have items of interest that you'd like to share with others in the club and even with the rest of the R/C world out there. Our webpage is the key to making that happen.

           As the webmaster for the site, I've been asked to supply some tips for making it easier to get your information up on the site, so here we go:

           1. Only the webmaster can put information on the website! That's a limitation of passwords, programs, and protocols. So if you want something put up to the site you'll have to email it to Jim Alvord and my email is on the roster or send it to the Secretary, Greg and he'll get it to me for inclusion.

           2. Text items - letters, notes, tech tips, news, etc. should be sent as a .RTF(rich text format) file attachment to an email. Word files in .DOC are hard to convert to the website language HTML. So please send only RTF or TXT files for inclusion.

           3. Pictures can be in any of 3 different formats for use on the web:
                      .JPG or .JPEG - Compressed picture file formats web compatible
                      .GIF - also web compatible but larger and usually animations
                      .PNG - the newest picture format for the web also acceptable
         the size should be no taller or wider than 650 pixels or I will have to resize or re-crop it for inclusion.

           You can download a FREE picture manipulation tool called " Irfanview " from or that will make it easy for you to save/convert/crop/resize or any number of other things to your pics. Just make sure that you also download and install the "plugins" for the program for more flexibility.

           4. I've added an email account to the website that you could also use for sending items for inclusion at the email address below!

           Q. I've been asked why you can't just click on the link from the website and have it open your email program or a form and send whatever you'd like.

           A. The main reason for this is that I also work a full time job, and when an email is posted on a website, SPAM spiders crawl the web and copy all the emails they find to send SPAM to. I don't have the time or desire to deal with an extra 100+ emails every week for drugs to enhance my sex life, adv. for improving our website, sales of the latest music, etc.. So you'll have to either add the address to your email address book or type it into the To: field on the original email to have us get it. SORRY!

           Q. I've also been asked what if I get a picture in a different format or size, will it still get on the webpage?

           A. In most cases "Yes" it just might take a couple days longer depending on my work schedule. The same is true of articles in the wrong format, I'll still do my best to get them on the site ASAP but it might take a few extra days.

           If you have anymore questions please email me at my own email off the roster or at the club email below and I'll get you an answer as fast as I can.

Jim Alvord


You can contact us easily by sending an email to:

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